Nellie the Elephant

Meet Nellie – one of our hardest-working volunteers. She’s returned to the circus from her self-imposed exile in Hindustan, specially to help us out – IF ONLY IT COULD BE!

In recognition of her elephantine efforts, we’ve produced a special-edition, double-sided coffee coaster that will grace your coffee table or desk and ensure that, like Nellie, you’ll never forget that a single click helps save lives.

You can order FREE Nellie coasters for you and your friends by completing the order form below.

Nellie's dispenser
Nellie’s dispenser

If you’re involved in a business and would like your customers to use or take away Nellie coasters, we can provide larger quantities, complete with on-counter dispensers holding 35 coasters, free-of-charge. Just fill in the form below and tell us briefly, in the ‘Any special instructions’ field, about your business and the quantities you need.

Nellie coaster order form

Please be assured that we will not use your details for any purpose other than supplying your coasters.


Nellie’s Song

Play Nellie’s song . . .

Nellie the Elephant was recorded by Mandy Miller in 1956 and is still available on an album of children’s songs. Its nursery rhyme lyrics are considered by some to have a more profound meaning. Read more about the song, Nellie the Elephant, and about Mandy Miller.

Buy the CD or MP3 Hello Children Everywhere, the first track of which is Nellie the Elephant.