Shopping lists

To help you organise your shopping, we’ve built a shopping list feature into the website. You can create lists attached to particular stores, or general, unattached lists that you might use to shop across multiple stores. Shopping lists could come in handy if, for example, you do a weekly grocery shop. In between shops, you could add items to grocery store’s list as you think of them, or as you run out of them, so you don’t forget anything when you come to do the shop.

Shopping lists can also help you save money. In our description of each store, we provide you with details of delivery charges and, where possible, a link to the retailer’s page describing delivery options. Many retailers offer free delivery based on a minimum order value. By attaching a shopping list to the retailer’s site, you could add non-urgent items over a period of time until you reach the free delivery level.

There are no current shopping lists. You can create a new list in one of two ways:

  • To attach a list to a store, use the 'shop' or 'search' menu to display the store and click on the caption below the store icon to display the store information and then click on the 'CREATE SHOPPING LIST' button.
  • To create a general list, not attached to a particular store, click on the 'NEW LIST' button below.