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  • ~~14~~p to ~~25~~p commission

About Cheapflights

Cheapflights is a global travel price comparison site searching billions of cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals for its more than 120 million yearly unique visitors, as well as tailor made travel deals to its more than 10 million subscribers.

Since 1996, Cheapflights has been dedicated to make air travel simpler and enable travellers to cut through the clutter and find the cheapest booking. By simplifying complex data into user friendly price comparison, Cheapflights gives the world’s travellers looking for the best bargain, the confidence they┬┤ve got that. We call it – Smart search. Made simple. Cheapflights is managed by KAYAK, an independent subsidiary of The Priceline Group.

Commission rates

Commission is based on a click-through (‘View Deal’ button) of an offer on the Cheapflights page to the airline or supplier’s website.

  • ~~25~~p per click-through for desktop and tablet computers
  • ~~14~~p per click-through for mobiles