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About Chemist-4-U

In today’s world many of us suffer from multiple health issues and need continuous medication. Diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac problems and many such diseases require daily dosages. Missing any one of them can result in health repercussions.

Chemist-4-U is an online pharmacy store equipped with drugs from all top brands and provides services at your doorstep. Chemist-4-U is a dedicated store working in a highly competitive environment and works with compassion. It aims at providing quality services to the customers that are hassle free and on time. The company is run by a team of highly trained professional pharmacists having all the required clinical knowledge pertaining to the medicines.

Advantages of ordering online at our store

  • Discounted prices – The pharmacy has a collection of top brand products at discounted prices which makes it more comfortable to order online.
  • On time delivery – We maintain an effective delivery system which ensures that you get your products on time and without delay.
  • Don’t miss medicines while travelling – Missing drugs while travelling is a very common practice. Many of us forget to pack our required medicines and then are unable to find them at other places that we visit.
  • Our company is one of UK’s largest mail order and online service which helps its customer which provision of products easily at all times.

Our Mission

We have established this online business with a commitment to providing outstanding services to the people, make their life easier and more comfortable and enabling them to reap maximum benefits form their prescriptions.

Either you are looking for beauty or spa products, or checking to see if you are pregnant, or just simply want to get your multivitamins, everything you need is a few clicks away at affordable prices from the leading brands.

Chemist-4-U is owned by Innox Trading Ltd, run by fully qualified Pharmacists and operates from General Pharmaceutical Council registered pharmacy premises at:

35-37 Greenhey Place, East Gillibrands, Skelmersdale, WN8 9SA.

Registered in England No: 07262043
GPhC Registered Premises: 1103628
Superintendent Pharmacist: James O’Loan