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  • ##20##-##27##% (£##20## or £##38## on some policies – see below)

About Endsleigh

We were established in 1965, by NUS, to champion affordable insurance designed for students, when others wouldn’t.

Today, we are still as committed to providing value for money. Using our expertise we have extended our products and services to professionals as well as to commercial and business customers, shaping protection for the things that matter most to our customers. We are proud of our heritage and expertise, aligning our solutions to our core markets of education, property, travel and not-for-profit.

We have been part of the Zurich Group since 2008. Being part of a company that also has a long history and a focus on caring for customers and serving them, supports us in putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our business, as well as giving us greater access to products and financial strength.

Commission rates

  • Home insurance ~~25~~%
  • Car Insurance £~~38~~
  • Landlord Insurance ~~27~~%
  • Travel Insurance ~~20~~%
  • Mobile and Gadget Insurance £~~20~~