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We founded Parcelpet on a mission to make pet owners lives that little bit easier!

As a very busy working family, we’ve tried (in desperate vain) anything and everything possible to get even a little bit of time back. From food deliveries to even toothbrush subscriptions, we’ve tried it all!

When Monty (Mark’s beloved dog) was young he was forever running out of dog food – this only got worse as work got busier and the household needed more of our time.

We’re sure this is a story that sounds familiar! Worse than that, the market is saturated with choice! And is made complicated with jargon, offers and the next big craze.

What if someone kept it simple? And that’s when Parcelpet was born – Nicky & Mark embarked on a journey to make pet owners lives easier but more importantly, give them the opportunity to feed their pet a healthy diet … consistently.

Without the need to pop to the supermarket and pick up any old rubbish – this … we thought … was amazing!

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve worked with vet-approved nutritionists to develop the perfect recipes for a range of dietary needs for dogs and cats of all ages. We’ve developed a range of hypoallergenic and grain free foods from 100% natural ingredients. And then worked meticulously to develop a personalised schedule for each individual pet so that they never have to go hungry (or temporarily eat rubbish) ever again.

So, this all sounds great but …? It was important to us to be totally transparent about what we do. It’s been the base of our working careers and has not let us down yet. So, we’ve created flexibility to allow customers to change their mind, pause or amend their account at any time.

We hope that this combination supports the pet owning community to be even more amazing pet parents and give them just that little bit of precious time back.

Sit back, enjoy and relax.