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About Raileasy

Raileasy’s Aim

We are a National Rail accredited internet retail booking engine and our purpose is to help travellers find the best fare for them whether this is the cheapest ticket or the most flexible. By making it easier for customers to book rail tickets Raileasy aim to attract new people to rail and to online ticket purchases.

What we Offer

Raileasy is here to help you make the very most of rail travel, whether you are a business traveller, a student, a tourist, a senior citizen or somebody who just likes travelling on trains. Raileasy offer you a one-stop-shop for your travel needs around the United Kingdom with booking facilities and resources for the following:

  • Other linked transport including ferries, buses, metros, London underground
  • Group Save tickets
  • Links to European travel – including The Eurostar, European trains, ferries to the continent, the Euro tunnel/the Channel Tunnel, the Dutch Flyer, and RailSail to Ireland.
  • A vast library of information on anything related to rail travel in the United Kingdom, including information on rail fares, rail cards and the latest rail news
  • Help finding and travelling to hundreds of events and attractions, from museums to theatres, from stately homes to football stadiums
  • accommodation including hotels, guest houses and B&Bs.

Save Up to 80%

We always aim to encourage people to BOOK EARLY to increase their savings. By booking in advance travellers can save themselves up to 80%. To assist customers in finding the cheapest fare Raileasy’s smart booking engine always defaults to the cheapest ticket available. So raileasy do the hard work for you, for example two singles could be cheaper than a return.

New Cheapest Fare Finder

It is now even easy to locate the cheapest fares with Raileasy’s new ‘Cheapest Fare Finder’. This clever tool in the advanced booking options will enable flexible travellers to search fares for any journey over a 12 hour time band.

Why Raileasy?

We are independent! We have reduced the number of steps from booking to confirmation to a minimum and last year we saved visitors on average 30% on the price of their ticket compared to buying on the day.

EU Passenger Rights Campaign

EU Passenger RightsRaileasy have joined the EU’s Passenger Right’s campaign as an official partner. The EU Passenger Rights Campaign aims to raise awareness of EU citizens of their rights as passengers and the means of action to ensure the respect of these rights.

Are you disabled or do you have reduced mobility? The train companies have a legal obligation to assist you please visit our train company page for assisted travel contact details.

Please visit: for more information.