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About Thyme

Here at Thyme our mission is to make it easier to eat better. We aim to make real, honest, slow-food a lot easier, quicker and far more convenient simply by using the freezer.

We freeze. We freeze for freshness and convenience, nothing else.

All our food is prepared and cooked in small batches, just as you would at home, using only ingredients and processes that you would find in a domestic kitchen.

The majority of our products have been developed to be cooked from frozen, usually in the oven, occasionally in the microwave. Each product comes with its own best results cooking instructions

How it works:

  1. We cook in small batches using only the very best ingredients, ingredients you would find in a domestic kitchen, and with minimal processing. Then we freeze, quickly. We freeze for freshness & convenience, nothing else.
  2. You order. Browse our site, shop across the range and choose your favourites. We have a minimum order to ensure that your Thyme Capsule is full enough to maintain the temperature of your order throughout delivery.
  3. We deliver. Frozen. All orders are sent out using our trusted couriers in our specially developed Thyme Capsules, guaranteeing your food stays frozen for 27 hours.
  4. You heat and eat. The majority of our food is developed to be cooked from frozen, usually in the oven, occasionally the microwave. Each pack will include best result cooking instructions.
  5. Packaging – All our packaging can be recycled. You can recycle at most local facilities or simply tape your box back up, include your icepacks & wool, stick on the enclosed return label and send it back to us. We’ll do the rest.